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30 Jan


Having a hard time figuring out what color to polish your nails? Check out this Essie Polish Guide I found online.



30 Jan

Louboutin Nails 00Louboutin Nails 00

One thing I love almost as much as I love nail polish: Shoes!

NAIL IT: Nail Glitter

28 Jan

Hi Girls!!

I’ve met quite a few of you who really love glittery nails, but are unsatisfied with the limited amount of colors and glitter in certain nail lacquers. So here’s a method that requires only clear nail polish, nail glitter (around $3.99), and just a few minutes. Afterwards you’ll have a matte finished look. Although this is heavy in sparkles, it lasts only a short amount of time because of the base. But it’s cute for any special occasions. Here’s how ya do it:

1. Clean and dry your nails really good.

2. Apply clear base coat

3. Dip your nail into the glitter pot

4. Remove it and wipe away any access around the nail bed.

5. Dry and be fabulous!


The “Nail-ista” in You!

25 Jan


Hi guys! I decided to do this blog related to a passion of mine- the nails! There are many new trends, colors, textures, shapes, and polishes that I love! I want to share those with you all and also show you how to create and maintain that perfect look for a night out as well as your day at work.

Hope you all enjoy this as much as I will!