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NAIL IDEAS: Avon Cotton Candy

27 Feb

NAIL IDEAS: Avon Cotton Candy

This has become one of my favorite nail enamel. I love it because it only takes two coats two get it how I like it, it doesn’t take long to dry, and it lasts longer than most. I also love the color with my skin tone! Try them out!


NAIL IDEAS: 2013 Spring Nail Trends

27 Feb


Spring is quickly approaching, thank goodness!! It’s almost time to break out those cute spring dresses and sandals! But before you do check out these Nail Trends  from the 2013 Spring Fashion Week Runway as well as Glamour’s Spring Trends. Get ready for it!



NAIL IT: Ombre Nails

25 Feb

NAIL IT: Ombre Nails

Happy Monday guys!! For this week’s Nail It tutorial I want to show you all how to do Ombre Nails. The look is fairly easy to accomplish. All you need is your variety of colors, toothpick, sponge, and a clear base coat. The picture above is pretty self explanatory about the steps of the process.


NAIL IDEAS: Glittery Nails!

22 Feb

NAIL IDEAS: Glittery Nails!

I’ve always thought these were very pretty and classy!


NAIL IT: How to Perfectly Paint Your Nails

22 Feb


DIY Manicure and Pedicure

22 Feb

Hey everyone! Today I want to give you all the basics of how to keep those fingernails and toenails healthy and looking good underneath your beautiful nail polish. Hear a few steps I go through to keep my nails clean, even, white and healthy.


Remove polish from your nails

File down and even out nails.

Soak nails in warm water with Epsom Salt or rubbing alcohol to soften hands and nail beds.

Trim cuticles along the finger with nail clipper and apply cuticle oil.

Apply light pressure to nail bed and push back cuticles along the edge of the bottom of the nail.

Buff nails gently. Wash hands to remove oils then polish as usual.

Washing feet


Remove nail polish from toenails.

Soak feet in warm water with Epsom Salt.

Dry feet, then buff heels and other hard area with a pumice stone to remove dead skin.

Exfoliate skin by using an exfoliation scrub or make your own with body wash mixed with salt.

Trim, file and buff nails.  Push cuticles back .

Rinse in water. Dry and buff nails with a nail brush.

Polish then moisturize with lotion.



Nails and Toes!

20 Feb


Spring is coming pretty quickly. It’s time to get those feet back in order to show off in those cute little sandals. If you’re like me your nails and toe nails are never the same color. So here are a few colors with their complementary matches for the toes. Check them out!