NAIL FIX: Chipped Polish

15 Feb

ny_times_chippedIt’s FRIDAY Ladies! You know what that means: NAIL FIX of the week. This week I want to talk about ways to prevent chipping polish. i know how extremely frustrating this can be- especially when you get your nails looking really good. So here are a few tricks, in no particular order, that can make your polish last longer:

1.)Use a Gel or Shellac Polish which could last up to 2 weeks.

2.) Gently buff nails before applying polish.

3.) Always make sure nails are clean before applying polish.

4.) Apply base coat and top coat.

5.) Make sure all polish layers are thin.

6.)Let your nails dry completely before activity.

7.) Polish the tips of your nails 

8.) Push cuticles back at the nail bed before applying polish 

9.) Use a glitter/shimmer based polish

                                                                                     10.) Wear rubber gloves when washing dishes

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