NAIL IT: Marble Nails

4 Mar

Hi guys! I originally planned to do a tutorial on newspaper nails until I realized….I don’t have any newspaper. -_- Soooo, I decided to go another route and try the marble nails. This was my first time trying them and I wish I would have used a lighter base color, but I’ll know next time. The colors I used for the base color was Avon Night Violet. The two colors I used for the marble look was Avon Sunshine and LA Colors Wisteria. You can use as many colors as you want I just stuck with two. Here’s how I did it.



Here’s What you’ll need: A cup or glass of water, nail polish, tape, and a tooth or nail pick


Apply your base color


Apply tape around the edges of the nail


Alternate drops of nail polish in the water


With your nail pick, create your design in the water


Dip your finger in the mixture


Use the pick to remove the polish from around the nail in the water, then remove the nail


Remove tape and let dry!

Hope you guys like! Let me know what you think, or other methods you use for this look.

One Response to “NAIL IT: Marble Nails”

  1. vicki March 4, 2013 at 7:42 pm #

    So cool!

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