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2015 Color of the Year

24 Jan

Am I the only person in the world who has never heard of Pantone? Well apparently they are the experts on colors. Each year they choose a color that is supposed to emulate the culture for the upcoming year. How they come up with this….I have no clue. However, I’ve been hearing about the Pantone color of the year alot lately. So what is it, you ask? It is duh duh duh duh- Marsala.

ddc10f45e8c1213764e586cf4173921cThis dark wine color is supposed to be in this year. You normally see dark colors like this quite often during the winter months. I’m interested in seeing the variations that appear during the spring and summer!


NAIL IDEAS: Avon Cotton Candy

27 Feb

NAIL IDEAS: Avon Cotton Candy

This has become one of my favorite nail enamel. I love it because it only takes two coats two get it how I like it, it doesn’t take long to dry, and it lasts longer than most. I also love the color with my skin tone! Try them out!