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NAIL IT: Glittered Tips

15 May

NAIL IT: Glittered Tips

Hi all! As you might have noticed, I’ve changed up my posting schedule to every Wednesday. Wellllll today I want to show you all how to get the ombre glittered tips manicure. I found a picture posted online that illustrates it all. Enjoy!!


Short Nails: French Manicure

1 May

Short Nails: French Manicure

Here is my french manicure I did last night using my “Band-Aid” Method. Check out Nail It: French Manicure to find out how I did it. This is a nice, clean, and classy manicure for short nails.

NAIL FIX: Nail Band-Aid

24 Apr

Hey everyone! I’ve had a lot of people asking about it, and so I  wanted to do a recap of one of my favorite nail tips:

The Tea Bag Band- Aid

Besides chipped and smudged polish, my other pet peeve with my nails would have to be…a broken or chipped nail. This hurts for me most because growing my nails out is a project! I’ve found 2 ways to that really do fix this problem: UV/LED gel polish and a tea bag.

Today I want to tell you all how to fix a broken nail with a tea bag. What you will need: nail polish remover, nail glue, a small piece of a tea bag to fit over the tear in the nail.

1.Clean your nail from any polish or oils with nail polish remover/acetone and warm water

2.Buff your nail a little to help the tea bag stick better

3. Apply some nail glue around the area of the break then put the piece of the teabag on top of the glue

4. Put more nail glue on the top of the tea bag

5.After letting the fingernail COMPLETELY dry, gently buff the area so that the nail is smooth

6. If necessary, wash hands and apply another layer of nail glue, dry, buff, and wash

7. Apply base coat and polish as usual

Because I don’t have any broken nails right now (surprisingly) I’m not able to show you pictures doing this myself. So here’s an illustration from Honeymunchkin.com that shows you what it should look like. She used a this piece of fabric which might also work as well.