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NAIL IT: Glittered Tips

15 May

NAIL IT: Glittered Tips

Hi all! As you might have noticed, I’ve changed up my posting schedule to every Wednesday. Wellllll today I want to show you all how to get the ombre glittered tips manicure. I found a picture posted online that illustrates it all. Enjoy!!


NAIL FIX: Removing Glitter Nail Polish

1 Mar

glitter-glittery-nail-nail-polish-nails-Favim.com-221070Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for the likes and follows. Please share this blog with your friends!!

I recently polished  my nails with an OPI glitter polish. While is was beautiful on, it was a headache to remove. If you’re anything like me, you think twice before applying any glitter polish just because of this reason. However, I have found a method that’s been pretty helpful for me. All you need is nail polish remover/acetone, 10 tin foil squares, and 10 cotton balls.

Here are the steps :

1. Apply the remover to the cotton balls (Saturate is completely)

2. Apply the cotton ball to the nail and wrap the foil around the cotton ball and finger

3. Repeat for all fingers


4.  Wait for 5 minutes

5. Remove the tin foil and cotton ball by pressing down on the nail bed and twisting back and forth to get rid of any excess polish and then sliding it off

Your nails should be clean and ready for your next color!!